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The clubs here stay open pretty late on the weekends, usually until about 5am, so don’t plan on the action heating up until around midnight. Some strong dance moves can make up for a lack of Spanish, if you are not up to speed. Be friendly with the whole group if you want things to go anywhere.

This isn’t to say there are lots of girls by themselves or with just one other friend, however.

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The former is completely untrue, and the latter is irrelevant. There’s some things you need to know beforehand, however. cities, especially when you keep your journeys limited to the “right” areas – of which there are plenty.Mexico City seems to be overlooked quite often, which is a little odd considering how big it is.This is one of the largest, most populated cities in the world, with well over 9 million people dispersed throughout the urban core.When in places like Polanco and Condesa, it’s a little overwhelming actually, as there are a ridiculous amount of choices.Depending on what bar you are at, you may notice some working girls milling around too, but they are definitely not hard to spot out.

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