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Therefore, claiming that Quraan is difficult to understand or is being quoted out of context is ludicrous and a lame excuse only to hide Allah’s myriad of inanities and flaws.Allah's Ignorance of the North and South Poles: In polar regions, the longevity of day and night vary during summer and winter.Each year the Web Marketing Association names the Best web site as part of the annual Web Award Competition.Since 1997, the Web Awards are recognized as the premier industry based Website Award program in the world.The author of the Quraan did not know about this and he only repeated earlier geocentric ideas.It's not about intelligence or IQ it's simply about basic common sense, anyone not raised in the Biblical propaganda soup would not entertain these stories as anything other than what they are, a non technological people's attempt to make sense of a complicated world, in terms that made sense to them at the time.The Quraan emphatically states that it is a clear scripture [Q15:1], perfect [Q11:1] explained in detail [Q4 and 41:3].

We’ve seen Saudi money at work in country after country, from Somalia to Kenya to Pakistan to Indonesia and beyond.It wasn’t the sophisticates of Beirut or even the religious scholars of Cairo, but Bedouins with a bitter view of faith.The Saudis and their fellow fanatics in the oil-rich Gulf states have used those riches to drag Muslims backward into the past and to spread violent jihad.If an illiterate Messenger (Q7.157-158, Q62:2-3) could understand Allah's word, surel Nowhere does Allah say that his words must be read with the help of its interpretations and commentaries.Therefore the apologists ' favorite statements about subject being taken 'out of context' morphs into a blatant lie here.

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