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The firft news of the aboliftiing the Popes iupremacy was as profperous as welcome to the Reformers ; and divers joyned A 4 v themlelve^ The Life of M after John Fox, thcmfclvesto'themoutof love to the truth, being further allured of the Kings intentions, by the punifhment taken on fome of the contrary part, and efpecially when the Abbies.were diffolved; nor was their hope a little increafed, when they perceived the Noblemen more or lette to rife in the good opinion and fa- vour of the King, as any of them moft oppofed the Popes dominion.The Romanes endevouring by fubtile pradtifes, and pretext of Religion to retain under the lurifdi&ion of a high Prieft 6 the ancient honour of their Citie, which by open force they could not defend.Thennofooner could any fhew himfclf to differ from them in point of faith, but the battening of his punifhment prevented any infection that might fpread it felf among others.The native excellence, and fharpncfle of his wit, were well feconded by thefitnel Tc of the place; where the emulation of equals was frequent; and where each Students proficiency was narrowly fought into: neithei?wasinduftry wanting, which as it ieldome accompanyeth thegreateft wits, fo where it is conjoyned is moft availeablc.

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For although the Popes fupremacy had bin renoun- ced,}^ was his doctrine ftill retained.

- - - FROM THE PERSONAL LIBRARY OF JAMES BUELL MUNN 1890- 1967 l£L BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY .*w '..i SSk- ..-? And divers other things incident to this Realme of England and icnt'iwd. But when I perceived, that Ibme who were meer ft rangers to him, and utterly ignorant of his conversation,, had taken up- on them , to write his life ; of which they could learn nothing, but by hear- fay es, and flying reports; whereby it fell out, that many of his actions were am- plifiedabove the truth; many things otherwife related then performed ; and much paffed over 3 that came not to their knowledge; having my felf when I was a young' man, been alwayes converlant with him in his latter | da yes, and when I was abfent from him, had better in- telligence of any remarkable paffage in his life; I thought it but my duty, to prefer ve his memory front wrong; and if I could adde nothing to it, at leaft to A j place ■I To the Header. Neither feared I, but that I fhould be able, to juftine this to the Readers, that being his Son I published my Fathers life, though in refpeft of my nearnefle to him, Imaybefufpecled.

^-v' Containing the JEls and Monuments l^'fft*^ MARTYRS: With the Perfccutions ftirred up by Ro- miih Prelates in the C h u r c h. TO THE USADE^ •Aving been often, and earneftly requeued by many; to gratifie poflerity, vvit H the Hiftory of my Fathers life, which I, had written above thirty yeers fihce ; and rinding , that no new matter had fain out, for which (though I were filent) Ifhould'diftruft the judgement of after ages , concerning a man fo well known; but that many things to this purpofe neceffary 5 were now out of my power, by the death of thofe, up- on whofe teftimony, the truth of each particular depen- ded ; I made no quel Uon, but both eafily withall men, to finde pardon for my firft refufitll ; and if (till I mould continue in the fame minde, as eafily to keep my felf in the right I have to ufe my liberty herein.

This he performed with fuch heat of Study, and in fo fhorta time ; that be- fore the thirtieth yeer of his age, he had read over all that either the Greek, or Latine Fathers had left in their writings; the Schoolmen in their difputations : the Counfels in their Acfs : or the Confiftory in their Decrees ; and acquired no mean skill in the Hebrew Language.

By report of fome who were Fellow Students with him, heufed over anda- bovehisdayesexercife, tobeftow whole nights at his Study, or not till it were very late to betake himfelf to reft.

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