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The nurses and doctors at your GP practice or sexual health clinic can talk over the options with you, at the time the test is done and at a later appointment.

If you decide to continue your pregnancy, you can be referred to the antenatal clinic.

Although the Sign Up Facilitator will ask for your name, address and age, the only information that you have to give is the first part of your postcode and your date of birth. Find out your HIV status at the confidential “Fastest” clinic through a simple finger-prick blood test with swift results.

There are time limits to abortion, so the sooner you get advice the better.

If you decide you want to be referred for a termination you need to speak to your GP or staff at a sexual health clinic. The termination is not usually done at the first hospital appointment although depending on the consultation, the first part of medical treatment may be offered.

You will have a scan to check how many weeks pregnant you are and you will be given a date for the termination which is usually within a few days.

However you may feel you will need to consider the options open to you. continue with the pregnancy and have the baby adopted or temporarily fostered 3.

How much time you have depends on how far on in the pregnancy you are already. having the pregnancy terminated (have an abortion) There are a number of people who can help and advise you.

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