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This did not help them improving how God perceived them. But Satan, an archangel, defied that even God, with its powers, have no right to arbitrarily destroy lives and rebelled against God, only to be defeated.Eventually God placed the surviving demons inside a mountain.For this reason much of the material given is common to the two volumes, and can thus be accessed from the starting point of either English or Gaelic. vt air dlmeas m illvnr, cuir vt air bheag suim f dean dimeas (with prep air) slightly adv beagan, she left - early dh'fhalbh i beagan ran am m, it was raining - bha beagan uisge m gen ann slim adj caol, tana, seang slim v seangaich vt, ill expr I had to - b' fheudar dhomh cudthrom m a chall slime" clabar 111 slimming 11 seangachadh m, call m cudthruirn m gen slink v ealaidh vi, sio! ; 2 (as vi) it -s tha faileadh In (a' tighinn) dheth smiddy n ceardach f smile n faite-gaire f, fiarnh-ghaire & fiarnh a' ghaire m, snodha-gaire Ill, (sly -) miogf smile v dean faite-gaire f, dean fiarnh-ghaire or fiarnh a' ghaire Ill, dean snodha-gaire III smirk n miogf smite v buail vt smith n 1 ceard & ceard Ill, silver- ceard-airgid Ill, copper- ceard-copair In; 2 (black-) gobha m smithy n ceardach f smoke n smwd f, ceb m, (usl/ligliter) t Oitf, emit/give out- cuir smwd, peat .... Though dictionaries are not learning tools in the way that grammars or course books are, anyone who was to absorb a reasonable proportion of the content of these volumes would be well equipped to function in a Gaelic-speaking environment, and from then on to learn by using the language - which is, after all, the best way! lucky adj 1 fortanach, sealbhach; 2 (idiom) he'll be - (if he isn't killed &c) '5 math a dh'eireas dha (mura teid a mharbhadh &c) luggage 11 treal(l)ajchean -",1, bagajchean mpl Luing n Lllinn m, Eilean m Lllinn gen, i/l erpr a man from - Lllinneach m (also as adj) lukewarm adj (lit & fig) leth-fhuar, (welcome, attitude &c) flonnaf, - tea teatha leth-fhuar, a - welcome failtefleth-fhuar, failte fhionnar lullaby n liiladh m, oran m ta Jaidh gm lumber n treal(l)ajch f lump n reap m, map Ill, meall m, - of peat ceap mona (gm of moine! meadow, meadowland n c1ua(i)n f da B f faiche f, leana f (esp beside watercourse, loch) innis f meal' n (ground cereals &c) min f meal' n biadh m, (trod) diathad f Ion m, the midday - biadh meadhan-lii m gen, also (trod: with art) an ruisean m mea Jtime n triith m bidh/bidhe (gen ofbiadh m) mean adj 1 (petty, insignificant) erion, suarach; 2 (stingy) spioeaeh, mosach mean n meadhan m mean v 1 eia Uaich vt, (more fam) minig vt, what do you -? p vi, - off home ealaidh/siolp dhachaigh, - away ealaidh/siolp air falbh slip nl (stumble &c) tuisleadh m; 2 (error) mearachd f (less usu) iomrallm; 3 in expr - of the tongue tapagf slip v 1 (stumble) tuislich vi, (esp on slippery surface) sleamhnaich vi; 2 (surreptitious movement) siolp vi, ealaidh vi, - inside/away siolp a-steach/air falbh, - off home ealaidh dhachaigh adv; 3 in expr it -ped my mind chaidh e as mo chuimhne f invar slipped adj & past part, in expr - disc dar m sgiorrte slipper n slapagf slippery adj 1 (lit) sleamhainn; 2 (fig: of person) carach, fiar slipshod adj (of workmanship &c) dearmadach, coma co-dhiu slippy adj sleamhainn slip-up n mearachd f slit n sgoltadh m slit v sgoilt & sgolt vt sliver n sgealbagf 332 slogan ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY smell slogan 11 sluagh-ghairm f slop v doirt vt slope 11 1 daonadh m; 2 (topog: hill-) leathad m, bruthach mf, aodann m slope v 1 daon vti; 2 (jam) - off ealaidh vi air falbh sloping adj daon sloppy adj 1 (jood &c) tana, - porridge brochan tana; 2 (of workmanship &c: careless) dearmadach, coma co-dhiu; 3 (in appearallce) cearbach, luideach, robach slosh v (sound) plubraich vi, plub vi sloth n leisg(e) f slothful adj leisg, diomhain slovenly adj luideach, rapach, robach slow adj mall, slaodach, mairnealach slow, slow down v 1 (go/become slower) rach vi irreg am maille f invar; 2 (make slower) cuir maille f invar (with prep air or ann) slowness n maille f invar slow-willed adj mall na (&c) inntinn f, (jam, pej) tiugh sludge n eabar m, poll m slug n 1 (the creature) seilcheagf; 2 (jam: bullet) peilear m sluggish adj slaodach slum n slum(a) m slumber n suain f cadal m slurry 11 giodar m slut 11 (slatternly woman) luid f breunagf sly adj carach, fiar smack n sgailc f sgealp f smack v sgealp vt small adj 1 beag, mion- prefi X (lellites followillg COil S where possible), (very -) meanbh, - girl caileag bheag, - salary tuarastal beag, - town baile beag, cut up - mion-ghearr vt, theft on a - scale mion-bhraide f; 2 in exprs - change airgead pronn m, - intestine caolan m smart adj 1 (ill dress, appearallce &c) grinn, cuimir, snasai! ceo na mbna smoke v 1 f Jire &c) cuir smwd f, smwd vi, the fire's smoking tha an teine a' cur smuide gen; 2 (- tobacco) smoc vti, do you -? smoking n (of cigarettes &c) smocadh In, no -, - not allowed chan fhaodar (pres liabitual passive of faod vi dej) smocadh m smoky adj cebthach, toiteach smooth adj (surface &c) min, reidh smoothe v dean vt reidh, dean vt min smoothly adv, in exprs the day passed - chaidh an latha m seachad gu socair, in expr we get onlalong - with them tha sinn reidh riutha smother f Jire, person, dissent &c) much vt, ruch vt, (person) tachd vt, (esp fire) sma(i)1 vt smoulder v cnamh-Ioisg vi smudge n smalm smudge v smeur vt smug adj toilichte leis (&c) fhein/fhin, he says we're - tha e ag radh gu bheil sinn toilichte leinn fhin smuggler n c Ul-rnhutaire m smuggling n c Ul-rnhutaireachd f invar smut n 1 (small dirty mark) smal m, spot m; 2 (sl/ggestive talk) drabastachd f invar, draostachd f invar, rabhd /11 smutty adj (suggestive) drabasta, draosta snack n srubagf, pios m snag n duilgheadas m snail n seilcheagf snake n nathair f snappy adj 1 (sliort-tempered: of people) aithghearr, cas, (of dogs & people) dranndanach; 2 (of action &c: brisk, prompt) deas, aithghearr snare 11 ribe m snarl v dean dranndan Ill, the dog -ed rinn an cu dranndan, in expr apt to - dranndanach 334 snarl ENGLISH-GAELIC Dt Cf IONARY so snarl, snarling n dranndan Ill, dranndail f invar snatch v glac vt, beir vi irreg (witli prep air) sneak v ealaidh vi, snaig vi, siolp vi, - off home ealaidh dhachaigh sneer v dean fanaid f (at air) sneering n fanaid f (at air) sneeze 11 sreothart In sneeze v dean sreothart m sneezing, sneezing fit n sreothartaich f sniff n boladh III (atlof de), a - atlof the cooking pot boladh den phrais f sniff v Il Jlower &c) gabh boladh III (witli prep de); 2 in expr - at (look down on) dean tair f (witli prep air) snivel v smuch vi snooze n dusallll, norragf, norrag chadailfgen, takelhave a - dean dusal! , I'm not - good today chan eil mi cho math an-diugh, I'm not - young as I was chan eil mi cho bg agus a bha mi; 2 - many/much (na h-) uimhir f invar, there were - many people there bha na h-uirnhir de dhaoine IIIpl ann, I had - much money bha uirnhir de dh'airgead m agam; 3 in exprs and - on's mar sin (air adhart), apples, pears, cherries and - on ubhlan IIIpl, peuran Jpl, siristean Jpl 's mar sin, also's a leithid sin, she said we were lazy, rude, scruffy ... If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page.Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.They often serve as major antagonists of the Devilman franchise. The demons have superhuman strength and durability following their first imprisonment all subsequent demons have the ability to merge with other creatures.This is not limited to transform to mimic the appearance of humans.

as part of their life in the prehistoric era and because of the harsh conditions they were subjected to life within the mountain the demons became violent and adopted a law of the jungle attitude that very few do not follow, killing off anyone who oppose them even other demons.In Devilman, Demons, humans and Devilmen ultimately annihilated each other.After Devilman God tries to recreate the earth and humanity.This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. mooing n geumnaich f moon n gealach f, the harvest - gealach (bhuidhe) an abachaidh, full lan-ghealach, gealach lan, the rays of the - gathan mpl na gealaich moonshine 11 (whisky) poitean III moor, moorland n mainteach f, monadh m, sliabh m, aonach m moral adj beusach, moralta morale 11 misneach f, misneachd f invar morality n moraltachd f invar morals n beusanl PI, good - deagh-bheusan more adv, prol1 & n 1 tuilleadh m invar, barrachd f invar, do you want most E Gl ISH-GAEl IC Dlcn ONARY mouthful bread a' chuid as motha den aran m; 2 in expr at - aig a' char m as mb, at- we will only lose twenty pounds aig a' char as mb cha chaill sinn ach fichead nola f sing most Slip adj 1 expr by as (ill the past & conditional tenses a bu, in the flltllre a bhitheas & a bhios) followed by the Slip fonn of the adj, she is the beautiful woman is ise am boireannach as bbidhche, he will be the - famous man is esan am fear as ainmeile a bhitheas (ann); 2 (very, exceptionally) anabarrach, g Ie, his talk was - interesting bha an braid aige anabanach inntinneach mostlyadv mar as trice, we - eat porridge mar as trice bidh sinn ag ithe lite f invar moth n Iebman m mother n mathair f motherhood n miithaireachd f invar mother-in law n miithair-cheile f motherly adj mathaireil, maithreil motion n (movement, also parliamentary &c -) gluasad m motionless adj gun ghluasad m motive n adhbhar m, -less gun adhbhar motor n motair m motor-bike n motair-baidhg m, (more trad) motair-rothar m motorcar n car m, (trad) m mould' n dbimhfliath, dbimhleachfliath mould' n (Jar fanning, shaping) molldair m mound n 1 (topog: r Ollnded hill) tom m, tolman m, tbrr m; 2 (heap &c) lbrr m, a - of sand tbrr gainmhich f gen mount n (horse for ridillg) each m (diollaid f gen) mount v Ileum vi air mum f invar (with gell), he -ed the horse Ieurn e air mum an eich; 2 (of animals matillg) rach vi air muin f illvar (with gen), the bull-ed the cow chaidh an tarbh air mum na ba; 3 (- 011 exhibitioll &c) cuir vt air chois (dot of cas f) mountain n beinn f, (also, ill some - names) sliabh m mountain ash n caorann f mountainous adj beanntach, sliabhach, monadail mourn V 1 (as vi) hi vi irreg ri bran m, caoidh vi, caoin vi, dean tuireadh m, they are -ing tha iad ri brbn; 2 (as vt) caoidh vt, he is -ing his parents tha ea' caoidh a pharantan mpl gen mourning If bron m, they are in - tha iad ri brcm mouse n luch f, ! mouth music 11 port-a-beul m mouthfullllan m be Oil m gen, I took a - of haggis ghabh mi Ian mo bhebil de thaigeis f 240 move ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY multi- move 11 1 (jlitting) imrich f; 2 ill expr get a - on dean cabhagf! move v 1 (phys) gluais vti, caraich vti, cuir car m (with prep de), the army -d towards the town ghluais an t-arm chun a' bhaile, don't- the table na gluais/na caraich am bbrd, don't - from the table na caraich bhon bhbrd, don't - it! ; 2 in expr unable to - gun Iuth/ luths m; 3 (- emotionally) gluais vti, dritidh vi (with prep air), I was -d chaidh mo ghluasad m, the film -d me dhri Jidh am film orm; 4lj1it, _ h Ollse) irnrich vi, dean imrich f movement n 1 gluasad m, we heard a - chuala sinn gluasad; 2 (tile facility or power of -) luth m, luths m moving adj 1 (in motioll) g Iuasadach, siubhlach; 2 (emotionally _) gluasadach,dr Uidhteach moving 11 lj Iitting) irnrich f mow v (grass &c) lom vt, gea IT vt much adj, adv, n, 1 (qllantity) mbran m, - food mbran bidh (gen ofbiadh Ill), I haven't (very) - money chan eil mbran airgid m gen agam, we didn't get (very) - cha d'! , (l Ised impersonally) there - be a strike feurnaidh gu bheil stailcf ann mutate v muth vi mutation n muthadh m multon n muilt-fheoil f, fei1-eaorach f mutual adj 1 can be conveyed by a prep pltrase including (a &c) cheile, eg their - respectnoathing (&c) am meas/a' ghrilin (&c) a th' aca air a cheile, our - friend an caraid againn, an caraid a th' againn le cheile; 2 can also be conveyed by a n Olln witlt tlte prefix co-, eg - agreement co-chordadh m, co-aontachd f, co-reiteachadh m, - consent co-aontachadh m, - acquaintance co-e Dlas m, - assistance co-chuideachadh m my pass adj mo, also very commonly expr by art pill S n Olln followed by agam, - mother mo mhathair f, - home mo dhachaigh f invar, - bac1c is sore ! ; 3 ill expr get on someone's -s leamhaich cuideigin 246 nervous ENGLISH-GAELIC Dlcn ONARY nibble nervous, nervy adj c1isgeach, nearbhach, frionasach nest n nead m net adj lom, - weight eudthrom m lom net PI IJon m, fishing - IJon-iasgaich nether adj iochd(a)rach netting PI IJon m nettle n feanntagf, deanntagf network " llonra m neuk PI citi.l f neuter adj (la PIg) neodrach neuter v spoth vt, gearr vt neutral odj neo-philirteach neutrality PI neo-phairteachd f illvar never adv 1 (for past time: with a v ill the neg) a-riarnh, have you been to Egypt? f noon" meadhan-Ia m no-one 11 duine m (after l Ieg v), I saw - (at all) chan fhaca mi duine (sam bith), chan fhaca mi duine idir I duine no dume, there was - on the road cha robh duine (beo) air an rathad m, - saw it chan fhaca duine e noose" lub f nor adv 1 nas motha, I won't go home! dh'innis mi dhut gu robh mi trom, ach cha robh mi ann an da-riribh! tha mi beo fhathast/tha mi a' cumail be D suspect adj fo arnharas III suspect n neach m fo amharas m suspect v bi vi irreg arnharas m (with prep aig), I - that these figures are wrong tha arnharas agam gu bheil na figearan IIIpl seo ceau suspend v 1 (pltys) croch Vi; 2 (pu I in abeyance) coo dail f (wilh prep ann), the work cuir dilil air an obair f; 3 (relieve of dulies) coo vi a dreuchd f suspension 11 crochadh Ill, in expr - bridge drochaid-chrochaidh f suspicion n amharas m suspicious adj arnharasach (of a) sustain v (jeed &c) c Um vi suas, beathaich vi sustenance n Ion m, beathachadh III swagger v spai(s)dirich vi swallow' n (of liquid) balgam Ill, (l IIore copious) steallagf swallow' n (bird) gobhlan-gaoithe m swallow v sluig & slug vti swallowing n slugadh III swamp n boglach [, feith(e) [, bog III swan n ealaf swarm n sgaoth m swarm v sgaothaich vi swarthy adj (of persons) ciar, lachdann 360 sway ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY symbol sway v luaisg vi, tulg vi swear n mionn 111[, boid f swear v 1 (legal &c) mionnaich Vii; 2 in exprs - an oath thoir mionnan m, also mionnaich/gabh boid f, will you - to it? ; 3 (curse &c) mionnaich vi swearing n 1 (of legal oalh &c) mionnachadh Ill; 2 (cursillg, bad language) droch-chainnt f, mionnachadh Ill, guidheachan mpl sweat n fallas m, - gland faireag-fhallais f sweat v bi v irreg fallas (wilh prep air), cuir fallas (with prep de), I'm -ing tha fallas orm, tha mi a' cur fallas dhiom, also tha mi nam fhallas sweaty adj fallasach sweep v sguab vti sweet adj 1 (Iastes) mi Iis; 2 (slllel/s) cubhraidh; 3 (so///Ids, music) binn sweet n 1 (desserl) milsean Ill; 2 (sweetie) suiteas m, -s suiteis IIIpl, siucairean IIIpl, rudan IIIpl mills sweeten v milsich vi sweetheart n leannan m sweetness 11 milseachd f illvar swell vat vi, seid vi, (less usu) b Oc vi swelling v at m, b Ocadh III swift adj 1 (of movemenl) luath, siubhlach; 2 (of persoll: - in performing lasks &c) clis, deas, ealamh; 3 (sudden) grad swim v snamh vi, I like to - is toigh learn a bhith a' snamh swimmer n snamhaiche m swimming n snamh III swing n 1 (child's -) dreallagf; 2 (in voting Itabils &c) gluasad m swing v (ill wind &c) luaisg vi, tulg vi Swiss adj Eilbheiseach switch' 11 (elec) suidsef switch' n (supple slick) gad m switch v 1 (lights &c) - on coo vi air, - off cuir vi asl dheth; 2 (excltange, round) cuir vi an iiite m a cheile, she -ed the glasses round ch OO i na glainneachan Jpl an iiite a cheile switchboard n suids-ehlar III swoon n neullll, laigse f swoon v rach vi an neulm, rach vi an laigse f, fannaich vi, fanntaich vi sword n claidhearnh Ill, two-handed - claidheamh da-Iairnh, claidhearnh mor swordsman n c. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Report copyright / DMCA form The Essential English-Gaelic Dictionary Compiled by ANGUS WATSON ---------.. uchagf mouth n beul m, (Jamlvlllg) cab f, gob m, (pej whell IIsed of Il Il IIrans) craos m, shut your -! huair sinn mbran, thank you/thanks very - mbran laingf, what's doing/happening? chan eil mbran; 2 in expr too - cus m, too - talking cus bruidhne (gen of bruidhinn f), I drank too -! , note also idiom far too _ tuilleadh '5 a' chbir; 3 (in variolls kinds ofcomparative exprs) mbran, fada, fiu is/agus, uimhir f invar, uiread m illvar, - better mbran/fada nas fhem, - older mbran/fada nas sine, there wasn't as - as a piece of bread left cha robh fiu is pios m arain m gen air ! ha mo dhruim m goirt, - car/watch an car I an t-uaireadair agam, insurance policy am poileasaidh-urrais agam, as a general mle, tlte more intimate ti,e connection, tlte more likely is mo to be used, note Itowever examples SIl CIt as ti,e following, - wife a' bhean agam, - husband an duine agam & IJrom some speakers) mo dhuine m, - house an taigh agam & mo thaigh myself reflexive pron mi-fhln, I saw - in the mirror chunnaic mi mi-fhln 242 myself ENGUSH-GAEUC DICTIONARY myth san sgathan m, I was drying - bha mi gam thiormachadh fhln, by _ learn fhln, I made the calce - rinn mi-fhln a' cheic, as for - air mo shon fhln. serpent n nathair f serve v 1 fritheil vi (with prep air), - someone fritheil air cuideigin, - at table fritheil air a' bh Ord m, (more trad) freastail vi don bhord; 2 (dish Ollt food &c) riarajch vt, thoir vt seachad; 3 (do the task in hand &c) that will - nj sin an gnothach m; 4 (animals mating) rach vi irreg air muin f invar (with gen), the bull -ed the cow chaidh an tarbh air muin na ba service n 1 ! reastal don bhord m, - station, - area steisean m/ionad m frithealaidh gen; 2 (helpflll action) seirbheis f, he rendered me a - rinn e seirbheis dhomh; 3 (chllrch, tennis, garage &c) seirbheis f service v 1 (machinery &c) gleus vt, c Um vt air doigh J; 2 (provide sllpport, sllpplies &c for) fritheil vi (with prep air) semle adj trailleil session n (parliament, committee &c) seisean m, in - ann an seisean set adj & past part (fixed, established) suidhichte, steidhichte, - procedures doighean-obrach JPI suidhichte, - in rns ways suidhichte na dhoighean JPI set n seat(a) m set v 1 (place, position) suidhich vt, socraich vt, cuir vt, - the statue on the column suidhich/socraich/cuir an iomhaigh air a' cholbh m; 2 in variolls exprs with cuir vt, - up cuir vt air chois (dat of cas j), cuir vt air bhonn m, she - up a business chuir i gnothach m air chois/ air bhonn, 320 set ENGLISH-GAELIC Dr Cf IO ARY shabby _ apart cuir vt air leth m illvar, - aside cuir vt an dara taobh m, cuir vt mu seach, this - me tl Unking chuir seo gu smaointeachadh m mi, - the cat among the pigeons cuir an cebl air feadh na fidhle; 3 (of the sun) laigh vi, rach vi foctha; 4 (other mise exprs) - the house on fire leig an wgh na theine m, cuir teine ris an wgh, - free fuasgail vt, - to/aboutteann vi (with prep ri), crom vi (with prep air), he - about climbing theann e ri streap, she - to work chrom i air an obair f, she - o~/out gha~h 1 an rathad m, thog i oirre, they - about each other ghabh lad dha cheile settee n s Ofa f, (more trad) langasaid f selling n (sitllation &c) suidheachadh m settle v 1 (calm, make or become comfortable &c) socraich vti; 2 (sort, solve) reitich vt, socraich vt, - the matter/dispute reitich an gnothach/a' chonnspaid; 3 (close, fi"alise) cuir crioch f (with prep air), ~at -s the matter! shame v naraich vt, maslaich vt shame-faced adj narach shameful adj nar, maslach, tamailteach shameless adj gun naire, ladama shaming n narachadh m, maslachadh m shamrock n seamragf shape n cruth m, curnadh m, dealbh & deilbh mf, a stone in the - of a horse clachfair churnadh/dhealbh/cruth eich m gen, I made out his - in the darkness rinn mi a-mach a chruth/a churnadh san dorchadas m shape v cum vt, dealbh vt shapely adj cuirnir share 1/ 1 cuid f, cuibhreann m, roinn f, there's your - sin agad do chuid-sa 322 share ENGLISH-GAELIC D,cn ONARY shelter (dheth), a half - leth-ehuid; 2 (jin) earrannf, sear m, -s fell today thuit earrannan/searaichean an-diugh share v 1 (- something wit/lathers) co-roinn vt; 2 (- out) pairtich vt, roinn vt, riaraich vt shared adj & past port 1 roinnte; 2 (held or used in common) coitcheann, facilities goireasan mpl coitcheann sharp adj 1 geur, - knife sgian gheur, - eye suil gheur, also s Ui! p I; 2 (as vt) bl Olghdlch vt shattered adj & past part 1 (lit) na (&c) b(h)loighdean ! so-so adj ach meadhanach (after verb in neg), I'm only - today chan eil mi ach meadhanach an-diugh, the food was only - cha robh am biadh ach meadhanach soul n 1 anam m, body and - corp m is anam; 2 in expr a (living) - duine beb, there wasn't a (living) - on the road cha robh duine beb air an rathad; 3 (Jam: IISU expr sympathy) creutair m, the poor -! sound adj 1 (of persons: - in health) fallain, safe and - sliln is fallain; 2 (of organisations &c: se Cllre, trustworthy) tabhachdach, urrasach, a - business gniomhachas tabhachdach/urrasach; 3 (of jlldgement &c: reliable) earbsach sound n 1 fuairn mf, the - of the traffic fuaim na trafaig, - wave fuairnthonn mf; 2 (much quieter: USII in neg exprs) bid f, blogf, he can't hear a - cha ch Juinn e bld/blog, he didn't utter a - cha tuirt e bid/biog soup n brot m, (trod) eanraich f sour adj goirt, searbh, geur, - milk bainne goirt source n bun m, IUs m, the - of evil bun an uilc (sen of ole m), (prov) the fear of God is the - of (all) wisdom's e IUs a' ghliocais eagal m Dhe (sen of Dia m) south n & adj 1 deas f invar & adj, South Vist Uibhist a Deas, the South Pole Am Pbla a Deas, the - of the country an taobh deas den duthaich f, taobh a deas na duthcha, living in/going to the - a' fuireach/a' dol mu dheas, the islands in the - na h-eileanan mpl mu dheas, a breeze from the - oiteagfon deas, Kinross is - of Perth tha Ceann Rois deas air Peairt; 2 (the compass direction) - an aird(e) deas southerly adj mu dheas, - islands eileanan mpl mu dheas, he went in a direction chaidh e mu dheas southern adj deas, mu dheas, the - part of the country taobh a deas na duthcha, in the - corner of a wood anns a' chuilm mu dheas de choille f, the - isles na h-eileanan mpl mu dheas southerner n deasach m souvenir n cuimhneachan n E sovereign n righ m sow n crain f, muc f 339 sow ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY specialist sow v 1 (seed) cuir vt; 2 (- dissellt, d Ollbt &c) sgaoil vt sowing 11 1 (of seed &c) cur m; 2 (of dissellt, doubt &c) sgaoileadh m space n 1 (room) r Um m, there was no - in the boat cha robh r Um sa bhi Ha m; 2 (openillg, gap &c) beam f, a small - in the wall beam bheag sa bhalla m; 3 (extra-terrestrial -) fanas m, the - age ! inn-fanais mf spacecraft, spaceship n soitheach-fanais m, speur-shoitheach m spacious adj r Umail spade 11 spa id f, (mare trad) caibe m spanner 11 spanair m spar 11 (joinery &c) rongf, rongas m spare adj 1 saor, - time Uine shaor, also saor-uine J; 2 (sllrpllls) a bharrachd, - money airgead m a bharrachd; 3 ill expr (machillery &c) - parts, -s pairtean-caraidh m Jp I spare v 1 ifrom Pllllislullellt &c) dean iochd f invar (with prep ri), leig vt mu sgaoil, fuasgail vt, the emperor -ed her rinn an t-iompaire iochd rithe; 2 ill expr if I'm -d ma bhios mi air mo chaomhnadh, ma mhaueas (rei flit of mair VI) mi be O, I'll see you tomorow, if I'm -ed chi mi a-maireach thu, ma bhios mi air mo chaomhnadh spark 11 1 sradagf, give off -s Jeig sradagan; 2 (- of life, vital -) rong m, there's not a - of life in her chan eil rong innte sparkle 11 drithleann m, lainnir f sparkle v lainnrich vi sparkling adj lainnireach sparrow n gealbhonn m sparse adj gann, tana, - crop bare gann, - hair fait tana speak v 1 bruidhinn vti, (less USII) labhair vi, (to ri), - to him bruidhinn ris, -ing Gaelic a' bruidhinn (na) Gaidhlig, -ing in Gaelic a' bruidhinn sa Ghaidh Jig, in expr (idiom) -ing with one voice a' bruidhinn as beul m a cheile; 2 in expr I - Gaelid English (&c) tha Gaidhlig/Beurla (&c) agam; 3 (address) thoir vt irreg seachad oraid f (witll prep do), tomorrow I'm -ing to the local history society a-maireach bidh mi a' toir! Iaidheamhair 111 syllable n 1 (Iil) lide Ill; 2 (loosely) biog[, bid Ill, smid [, esp ill expr they (&c) didn't utter a - cha tuirt iad (&c) biog/smid syllabus n clar-oideachais m, clar-oideachaidh m symbol 1I 1 comharra(dh) m, status - comharradh-inbhe m; 2 (Lit &c) samh Jalll 361 s bolic ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY s slematidal) symbolic, symbolical adj samhlachail symbolise v riochdajch vi, samhlajch vi symbolism 11 samhlachas m symmelrical adj cothromaichle symmelry 11 co-chothromachd f illvar sympalhetic adj co-fhu]angach, m Olhachail, co-mhothachai J, tlligseach sympalhise v co-fhuiling vi, co-mhothaich vi sympalhy n co-fhulangas m, co-mhothachadh m, tlligse f illvar symposium n co-labhairl f symplom 11 comharra(dh) m synopsis n giorrachadh m, gearr-ehunnlas m synthetic adj fuadam syphon n lionadm m syringe 11 sleal!

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