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When she stepped through, Heather was actually shocked to hear the buzzer go off and a bright light flash on the side of the device, stabbing into her bright blue eyes and forcing the pupils to contract.She tried to think of exactly what it was she'd forgotten."OK, ma'am," the guard said, "empty out your pockets before you come back through." "They are empty," Heather said, turning them inside out and trying not to let any irritation show in her voice.

She stepped back through, and the buzzer and light both went off again. Did they really have to put that thing right at eye level?Holding onto her boarding pass, she waited for the guard to beckon her through the metal detector.After a moment, the bored-looking black woman on the other side of the gate did just that."I, um..." The woman looked like she didn't care why the buzzer had gone off."Step back," she said, "and then try stepping through again." Heather did so, and even as she was stepping backwards through the gateway, the buzzer sounded and the light flashed red in her eyes.

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