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Last minute resistance is actually Last few days resistance and we are trained to deal with that. You want to be: the guy I met at yoga classes, or the guy who works with my friend, the guy who’s friends with X’s boyfriend or the guy who plays rugby at the club where I play field hockey.

Being the random guy I met at a bar is usually not enough.

A successful crew will have different groups of girls around them.

They may throw a party and have them all around (along with other guy crews) or will juggle the groups for smaller outings.

You catch up with her on Saturday as part of a mixed group.

You pick her up and drive her each time so you’ll have the logistical upper hand. But all this relies on me meeting the girl on my first couple of days in town.

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Despite every chat site having a long list of guys exposing themselves and posting seemingly endless requests for pictures, there are girls who choose to engage with them.Since most guys will lie, deceive and twist facts when talking to women (btw, “having game” is translated as “tener parla”), girls need to screen the guys. You also want to host house parties or be regulars at a club as part of a big mixed group. Because of this tactic, you need to have different groups of girls around, with a few potential targets in each group for each guy. The 3-date structure is quite prevalent: you meet a girl at your friend’s birthday party (on a Saturday) and get her phone.You take her out for drinks or dinner the following Wednesday and make out.Conclusion: the rules of game apply in Argentina, but pickups take much longer (days vs hours).To have multiple girls, you need to be creating your story with multiple girls along time.

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