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"As even highly processed meat products such as sausages are now subject to clean and clear label trends, manufacturers need to find ways to keep the color appeal of these products while losing the artificial additives." Rosemary is gaining ground in the market as a safe, effective alternative to synthetic shelf life extenders such as BHA, BHT and the antioxidant TBHQ.

Naturex provides a range of natural antioxidants obtained from rosemary, acerola, celery, Swiss chard, pomegranate and green tea.

A liquid, it can be applied directly to ground products and to whole muscle meats by marination.

Baked goods are another category with major shelf life concerns.

They can also enhance yield, depending on the application, control Listeria and improve texture.

Shelf life extension was not the goal behind Newly Weds Foods' new Defen Stat product, but it's a side benefit of this clean-label antimicrobial.

"Chemical preservatives have a history of success, and significant scientific data supports their effectiveness," he says.

"They're cost-effective, easy to use and forgiving when incorporated into the product.

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Shelf life isn't just a way to track days or weeks on a store shelf; it involves microbial activity, mold/yeast development, lipid oxidation, flavor, aroma and color as well as usability at home.An indicator of freshness and wholesomeness is a bright red hue, whereas discolored meat often gets discounted or is wasted, though it might still be safe to eat."For consumers, discoloration determines whether or not a meat product is still safe to eat," says Paul Janthial, food & beverage business unit director at France's Naturex (A food's shelf life relies on such factors as the type of process and formulation involved, the packaging used and storage conditions.But in the end, shelf life extension involves additives.

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