Shirt that says dads against daughters dating

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The reality is a father’s protection of his daughter isn’t some cliché saying on a hat or t-shirt, but one of the most precious gifts we will ever be entrusted with.

We are all shorthanded when it comes to opportunities for quality time with our children.

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He asks her to wear the ring as a reminder of how much she is worth to her daddy and to make an agreement with him; that if any young man desires to have more than a friendship with her, that she will first allow her dad to meet him and give his approval.

Or—does something much more serious come to mind: protecting your vulnerable daughter from any man who wants to win her heart, but doesn’t have her best interest in mind?

(Dads Against Daughters Dating)—which may be used on a T-shirt, but does it carry any real weight?

If we are to teach our girls what a strong, faithful, and loving man looks like—as well as how a woman is worthy to be treated then it begins with our modeling at home.

Here are 3 ways a protective father can see his daughter through womanhood.

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