Signs of a nigerian dating scammer Anonymous sexual chat online

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the photo looks like it is from a magazine or the description the person has given of themselves doesn't match the photo). She contacts you out of the blue on your private e-mail address and you have no idea where she got your e-mail address from.Her letters do not sound like replies to yours, but instead seem generic.She changes her e-mail address during correspondence. Her profile says she is from the USA, UK or any other country, while in her letter she says she is from Russia, Nigeria etc. Most scammers use photos of professional models/celebrities or photos of beautiful women they have stolen from the Net.You receive a photo of a potential date and the photo doesn't match up (e.g.

They have even been known to telephone their victims as a first introduction.

Her Agency or dating site with her profile includes other scammers and has a bad reputation according to the reviews of other users. Her profile states that a man's age, race or income doesn't matter to her. Chances of being scammed only increase with the age difference.

She always asks you to contact her via her private e-mail address.

The letter is poorly written, vague or repeats itself.

She sends pre-written letters - the same that known scammers have written before.

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