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Portland, after all, is famously the city where young people go to retire.That is, it's full of men your traditional single woman might not find too impressive -- or at least her parents might not find them too impressive. Portland has made Dating's list of the top cities for single women. And maybe that's better than being number one.Oddly enough, most females surveyed on the issue complain about how men rarely talk to them at bars, which is in stark contrast to cities like New York or Philadelphia, where most of the aggravation is centered around the exact opposite problem.That being said, the stock of young single people refreshes almost biannually, with thousands of ambitious 20- and 30-somethings filing in solo with hopes of building a new life.But their final rankings order apparently comes down simply to the overall number of single men in the city limits.Portland, the site tells us, has 100,460 single men.

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With over 25 years of matchmaking experience, Portland Singles is Portland's premier matchmaking service for mature singles.

We understand that dating is frustrating and even challenging when you're not meeting the kind of singles who share your relationship goals.

Our matchmakers will guide you through your dating journey, providing you support and advice to help ease the process.

Besides, you have to wonder about the criteria employed by Dating Advice. Gambling haven Las Vegas, where what happens to you stays there?

And how 'bout dat Milwaukee up dere in Wisconsin, eh?

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