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Noob like looking avatars do have a hard time to find sex partners, for the obvious reason: you are down right ugly!

To create a decent looking, attractive avatar with a mesh body and a couple of different outfits you need around 30 to 50 US.

“Wanna fuck” as a chat up line will not get you very far in most cases, whilst in Thrixxx Chathouse 3D Roulette that might be just the right thing to say, after a short “get to know chat”. Just lay on the bed, play with yourself and wait for a partner to join in. The easiest way in Second Life is, simply hire one of the escort girls in Second Life. For 2.000 Linden an hour, I will be your sex toy, your lover or whatever you want me to be and I will make sure you have a really good time. You only need Premium Membership if you intend to buy land.

If it’s only for the sexual aspect of a virtual world, you don’t need premium membership (about 70 US per year plus fairly high tear fees for land).

I evaluate the four „multiplayer sex games“ by different aspects: Second life has a huge number of regions which cater for sex play.

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The Thrixxx Chathouse 3D Roulette is also free to join.

Maybe if an active player or even a member of staff is reading this, please feel free to comment.

I have yet to see a game with better detailed, high resolution graphic work than the 3DXCHAT. This accounts for both in-game items and textures as well as for the the avatars. There is an obvious difference between the work of a professional graphic designer and user generated content. The animations system is very intuitive and animations are very realistic.

To be fair I want to add: Second Life animations are user made.

In the other games animations are made by professional programmers and designers.

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