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Our goal is to make the process of accepting payments online as simple and straight-forward as possible while enabling you to increase your profits and scale your business up.You can also use Allied Wallet as your alternative payment option.Dating websites on the other hand are usually optimized for less frequent use while the average retention time is medium to long.You would typically use a dating website during lunchtime or in the evening and spend an hour on it or more.Our rates are lower, our costs are lower, and our commitment to you is unparalleled.Make sure to partner with a payment processor who goes beyond their basic duties of payment processing to help you grow! From our exploratory conversations to helping you set up payment processing on your site, our customer support specialists will aid you every step of the way.Christian dating for free may be either be a solution that is built for rather courageous or for rather shy people.Solutions for courageous people are optimized for making most of your profile public to the rest of the user base.

Dating apps are usually optimized for frequent usage during the day while the average retention time is short.From our research we can tell that US citizens rather belong to the courageous group while Europeans, especially in the south, are more shy when it comes to online dating.While many solutions claim to be Christian dating for free — they are not.Whether you are a niche dating website catering to specific population segments, or if you have a complex billing system, we have helped every dating business type with a multitude of unique merchant service requirements.Our merchants see a 30-40% increase in revenue thanks to the increase in approved transactions.

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