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A lot of the process guys have traded their keyboards for cufflinks.Waterfall has been effectively vanquished, though it lingers like a winter cough.I worked in fairly large research group (about thirty folks in all), with a dozen person technical staff.We worked for a guy who was the spitting image of the pointy haired boss in Dilbert, only with a 170 IQ. In those days, when programmers got together and spoke among themselves, which was fairly frequently, because no one else would talk to us, when we’d talk about users at all, it would be to talk about what #$%^&%$ morons users were. Furthermore, I have it on some good authority, that in some circles, this perception continues to exist, among some programmers, even to The Agile insurgency is increasing viewed as an orthodox movement.I don’t remember much about my opening position statement, except what’s below.What I do know is that I’d been told that the ACM was going to finally start recording talk and panel videos this year with an eye towards putting them into the Digital Library.

Indeed, it was the end of a fateful downward spiral that had begun, as Eugene Wallingford has noted, the day before. That said, Rand’s characterization of Roark’s total passion for his work, and his utter disregard for what society thinks of it, one way or the other, fits many in our vanishing indigenous programming culture to an uncanny degree.

I'm always working my way through at least one book, often two or three. And finally, there are the books that I am reading right now.

I have trouble not buying more until I've finished with the ones I'm working on. This isn't anywhere near a complete list of everything I own.

Panel moderator James Noble's outsized neo-pompous HMS Pinafore histrionics and desiccated antipodean wit are utterly inimitable. My re-enactment of my surreal low-culture vision from hell went like this: I've been around forever And I wrote the very first code I put behavior and data together I am hacker (sic) And I write the code I write the code that makes the shareholders smile I write the code that the users defile I write the code that makes the testers cry I write the code I write the code The Fountainhead is on my short list of all-time favorite movies, although, I must confess, part of the pleasure I take in it is a partially (but only partially) ironic appreciation of its unrelentingly self-absorbed dialog. An enduring source of frustration among programmers is the degree to which users have no conception of the the glory, the majesty, the grandeur, of living in the code.

Of living among, and crafting these magnificent artifacts.

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