Sorority speed dating questions

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College is a breeding ground for all kinds of stress – academic, mental, social, physical.Date parties shouldn’t be yet another inducer of stress on top of classwork, personal care and relationships.Even if it’s the most beautiful dress and gives you Gigi Hadid’s figure, don’t even think about wearing it.Anupama Shah, a sophomore at Georgia Tech University, advises against any rash decisions.

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In fact, inviting a friend to one of your first Greek events might be even more fun. You can always go solo to any event [and] can always bring a friend.Social events like date parties and mixers usually have access to alcohol, whether it’s beer, wine or hard liquor.It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the drinking scene or can hold her own, enjoying yourself in a responsible manner will optimize fun.They instead should be a place where you can go to relieve all the stress that’s been building the whole week.Stephanie Huynh, a sophomore at Lehigh University, agrees that date parties are for letting go and having fun.

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