Soulja boy still dating diamond

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The two had disagreements on the whereabouts of the money which “Q” vehemently denies ever actually stealing.This is where the story gets interesting, he claims that he took the money to give to some individuals who claimed they would kill him if he didn’t take the money but because he failed to let Soulja Boy know of this exchange until Soulja Boy called and asked him about the missing money it looked like he was being sneaky on his part once Soulja Boy checked his account.You just have to provide proof such as a birth certificate stating… There are a lot of rumors about it, such as he was at a party and he got drunk and was singing his song and on the superman part he jumped off of a balcony, and that he and his mother were in a car crash and both died. Nothing because there is only one soulja boy and he is the best and no one can become soulja boy no one can change who he is so whoever put this question you cant do anything because soulja boy is soulja boy and you cant do anything do be him. And he has a son that proves that he loves women and he raps about women ex.Soulja Boy, also known as Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, is a hip hop artist known for his single Crank That (Soulja Boy), which was released to urban radio in 2007. While he apologized, his career hasn't taken off much. Because boys' skeletal systems are not designed for flying, they are not aerodynamic, they are too heavy and they don't have wings or flaps of skin under their arms. Another Answer Children who can't fly simply don't believe, being deceived by the adult power structures in our world which wish to prevent juvenile flight. How to love 2011 There is no way to legally play World of Warcraft on a Blizzard server without paying the subscription fee.Or ask your friend if he has a girl friend or something.

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Birth Name - De Andre Ramone Way Also Known As - Soulja Boy Born - July 28, 1990 (18 Age) Chicago, lllinois, U. Origin - Atlanta Georgia, USA Genre(s) - Hip Hop Occupation(s) - Rapper Record Producer Years Active - 2004-Present soulja boy has made 1 albem but alot of singles,soulja boy has sold about 1.5 million albums.Also another former memember of SODMG discusses his involvement with Soulja Boy’s missing K.Check inside for video and more details on this story.Arab was with Soulja Boy prior to his fame as they posted their own videos and music online where they soon climbed the charts together after Soulja Boy’s smash hit “Superman” went viral around the world.Now Arab plans to make the same success but finally with his name on it, stay tuned for music to come from Arab.

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