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You might be better served exploring it via a Google image search instead of actually driving there, given the "no trespassing" signs designed to protect you from hunters and tetanus (but hey, your call! The Gothic-looking cemetery doubles as a 135-acre garden with paths for exploring overlooking the James River.

No wonder two presidents (Monroe and Tyler) and six Virginia governors use it as their final resting place.

Unfortunately, Satchidananda is best known for the protests against him at Woodstock for serious allegations, but the million, hippy dippy lotus dome he conceived of is a real looker.

This interfaith shrine-meets-ashram with altars representing at least 10 religions was built in 1986 as a part of Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda’s yogaville.The faire only operated in Fredericksburg from 1996-1999, leaving behind ruins of medieval buildings in an area resembling Sherwood Forest.Broken-down beautiful may be an acquired taste, but if it’s your thing, this site is top notch. Before you shake your fist at us for calling something that reminds you of your own mortality beautiful, hear us out.A landscape design firm is to thank for creating the lush setting that encourages healing.However, those in good health can and should enjoy it too.

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