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Some such provision would be necessary if we are to get the proper class of men to represent the Greater Empire. P., Lord Sackville, Earl Amherst, Majcr Wreford, Mr. Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, and Sevenoaks did their share, and the working-class voters of the two former came up well, but there was an unsatisfactory margin between the list and the actual voters in several parts. Two and a-half years had passed, and nothing had been done. The situation at nightfall is very interesting, the Brown 1st Division being at Elveden in a position to operate with effect against either flank of the White 2nd Division along the line of the river, or, if need be, to strike in between and isolate a wing while the other portion is engaged. Early this aiternoon the division moved into bivouacs along the line Larkhill. Lloyd) has spent most of his vacation time in preparing Croydon’s case. Ian Malcolm, the member of Parliament lor Croydon, who has already made a name for himself in the House of Commons, and Mr. Su.'sex Mofor Yacht, Club brought to a mioco.'M'ii I cio-e ; A'eat her ua." pcrlert, v :t h a 1 iwt'c/p. observing “ It i' the one event I have wished to f-eeurc.” To-dar.

He has the ear of the House—is fluent, concise, and extremely good at repartee.

I advisedly ignore the possible possession of private means, for in a matter of this kind brains, as distinct from money, even in modest quantity, are the desideratum. ” and he would, now ask in return: “ How are you going to make it possible to cheapen land by taxing it? Dawn should see a decisive move which will solve the fate of the priceless stores at Newmarket. But the Croydon authorities have realised that their member alone may be unable to carry his case, and so many other members of Parliament—particularly those interested in local government—have been approached, and several have already signified their intention of supporting the Croydon Corporation in the House of Commons. Burns, who is well known in Croydon, will respond to the urgent appeal recently made to him by the town clerk and put the weight of his personality into the Croydon scale. The conditions for this handsome Irophv demand iomrthmg out- of the ordinary, and the greatest riva Irv rv i =.15 tor its p*''s.-ession.

Finally, I think the Mother-country ought to bear at leat its fair proportion of the very moderato cost of such a scheme. ” There was a difference between taxing manufactured articles and taxing land. Lieut.-General Sir Douglas Haig is acting as director and umpire-in-chief, and he has made a tour of the positions of the forces at dusk, and to-morrow General Sir John French is expected to witness the decisive moves. 'The proposal which Croydon is fighting is that the quantity of water which the East Surrey Water Company now draw from Kenlcv and Purley- Croydon's water source — shall be increased. Yesterday ." conte t wrjs one ot the hort, °n record, and ' ictorv iinally re.-ied with Mr.

It might, be found advisable to limit the voting and ipeaking of these Oversea lords to Imperial questions. If they taxed these foreign articles it was to let our own go free, and to increase their production. At present the company ^draws 2.-00.0(M) gallons dailv, and this amount, with that taken by Croydon, say the authorities here, is as much as the chalk can safely produce.

There are subjects (e.g., the divorce laws and religious questions generally) on which there is a wide gulf between insular and Imperial opinion, and any pronounced activity on the part oi the Imperial lords in such questions might bo productive of mischief. But if they taxed land the tax would fall on the land of our own country, and the foreign land went free. The original claim of the company was to draw water here without restriction, and the Local Government Board, to whom application was first made, actually gave the order But this necessitated formal ¿auction by Parliament, anel when the matter came before the House of Lords’ Committee that body decided that the company should draw no more than an average of 4.000,000 gallons a dny in all. limit the company to that number of gallons per day.

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