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2THE OLD ENGLISH LANGUAGE: ITS BEGINNINGS, GROWTH AND MATURITY 3Chapter 1. Engels came to the conclusion that Pliny's classification of the Teutonic tribes accurately reflected the contemporary dialectal division. Engels described the evolution of the economic and social structure of the Teutons from Caesar's to Tacitus's time. By the time of Tacitus, however, land was distributed annually to individuals according to social class.

The tribal names Germans and Teutons, at first applied to separate tribes, were later extended to the entire group. Having made a linguistic analysis of several Germanic dialects of later ages F. In Caesar's time, land tenure did not involve private property; instead, fields were divided annually among clans.

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Lexicon and Word-building in the Old English Language 221. Indo-European Vocabulary in the Old English Language 233. Wulfila’s translation refers to the 4 century AD and is the earliest surviving Germanic text.

Phonetic Structure and Spelling in the Middle English Language 521. The oldest monuments are the old Gaelic ogam inscriptions, which probably date as far back as about A. (3) West Germanic, which is composed of the following languages: (a) German(d)Frisian(e)Afrikaans (Boerish)(f)Yiddish(g) Luxembugian 6. The Iranian group, including (a) West Iranian (Old Persian, the language of the Persian cuneiform inscriptions, dating from about 520-350 B. In the times of social upheavals, wars and great migrations languages could be mixed, or some nations could borrow languages of other peoples.

General Features of the Development of Middle English Grammar. Contact with Semitic languages in Mesopotamia and with Kartvelian languages in the Caucasus led to the adoption of many foreign words. It goes without saying that our chief interest will be with the Germanic (Teutonic) group, since it includes English and its nearest relatives.

Most Western languages stem from an Eastern branch that rounded the Caspian Sea. C.) It should be noted that alongside with large groups of languages, like Germanic, Italic or Slavic, the Indo-European family includes individual groups each of which consists of only one language, such as Albanian, Armenian and Greek.

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