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I have three pieces of advice: First and foremost, have hope!Although there are currently no cures, there are many effective strategies for managing mental health conditions and addiction. Second, practice good self-care: Avoid the loneliness and isolation which Mother Teresa called the “leprosy of the modern age.” Assemble a “SEAL” team, an acronym for a Supportive, Energizing and Loving group that has your back. A protocol of 150 minutes per week of physical activity has been shown to be as effective as medications.In September 1961, Shelby learned that England’s AC cars was losing the engine supplier for its open two-seater and seized an opportunity.Shelby talked AC into providing him cars, then convinced Ford to supply its new small-block V-8.Finally, realize that these conditions are not our fault.

When I wear my heart on my sleeve, the vast majority of folks share a mental health challenge that they or a loved one/friend is enduring.

Here, they feel accepted, encouraged and understood.

They are taught that what they believe to be their inadequacies, can really be the fire that burns inside of them and makes them a stronger, more courageous, and joyous person.

A year later, as a result of hard work and multiple therapies, he fought his way back into the light of day.

Today, Cam feels “better than ever,” and continues to work as a successful mediator and lawyer.

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