Supervisors dating subordinates

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Rosemary Haefner, chief HR officer at Career Builder, said the decline may be due to the “current environment around sexual harassment” or workers simply “not wanting to admit the truth.” Whatever the reason, employees may be better off avoiding workplace trysts.Research on the topic by Professor Baker at New Haven suggests that observing non-harassing sexual behavior in the workplace is positively associated with stress and turnover intention at the time it occurs, as well as four months later.

The relationship, by Intel’s account, was consensual. It reportedly took less than a week for the company to launch an investigation by internal and external counsel and deem the affair a violation of Intel’s non-fraternization policy between managers and direct or indirect reports that had been in place since 2011.Krzanich’s resignation, of course, occurred against the backdrop of the #Me Too movement and former Intel employees have suggested in press reports that it played a role in the matter’s speedy reconciliation.Beyond the Krzanich episode, the #Me Too movement that’s triggered a reexamination of inappropriate behavior and women’s marginalization in the workplace has indeed cast workplace relationships in a new light.Whereas they may have been considered harmless in the past, the movement has revealed how damaging romantic or sexual intent in the workplace—especially between a boss and a subordinate—can be.Power dynamics can muddy the idea of consent, and the line between well-intentioned flirting and sexual harassment can be awfully thin.

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