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Here you can query, map, compare, chart and summarize key climate-related information.Located in the continent of Africa, Sudan covers 1,861,484 square kilometers of land, making it the 16th largest nation in terms of land area. Barsky is co-chairman of the complimentary paid-up mem- bership luncheon sponsored by 5440 CASS AVENUE COLUMBIA 5700 Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments Available— With or Without Maid Service N. Cooper remaining to attend the Iladas- sah Convention. I November 1st thru 7th treatment of arthritis, stomach, kidney and blad- guests of Mr. Sidney ler of Santa Barbara Dr., spent planning this function to niake ity dinner-dance on Nov. Markle General Motors Auditorium, at 2524 Taylor Ave., or Mrs. cnsaherry Sauce, Alisahesi Potatoes, Hallowe'en party on Oct. In two-quart bottles, ideal refrig- the Woman's Auxiliary of the Mrs. David Ebner, an- Neugarten Sunshine Club will take place on Wednesday, University 1-2998, is in charge ably Priced—Not a Cathartic. nounce that the supper party will Washington and New York. and children's wear will be modeled by the Peter Pan Shop Morris Schiff and Sidney Wallace, nual luncheon which will take Mrs. and Alm Sidney Miller of ier of Byron Ave., accompanied Our 16th Anniversary appetite, sound sleep, PEP; and is effective in Aesculapian Pharmaceutical Era- I t Cincinnati were the week-end by Mr. Maurice Schil- hat every effort has been made in ternity will have its annual char. 1, at the Home, at for a motor trip to Baltimore, of this event. the wedding of Corinne Betty To- man Rafelson, Ernst Sachse, will be a pledge to the club's an- ton Blvd. (A New Rind Every 13.7 Bottled and Sealed in the Fisher Bldg. 24 in honor of has spent countless hours to plan place on Wednesday, Nov. Officers and members of Purity the supper, ■at the Spring— ually designed, will be presented Mrs.

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The currency of The Sudan is the Sudanese Pound (SDG).

As well, the people of The Sudan are refered to as Sudanese.

“According to the National Institute of Health Islamabad, a new case of polio was confirmed in Khyber Agency on Saturday,” they added.

They said that one-year-old Maryam Bibi, daughter of Shabbir Shah, a resident of Naway Qamar Surdand area of Fort Slop in Bara was tested positive for poliomyelitis.

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