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I actually have some experience with FSU and have been with a couple of FSU grads before as well as visiting the place, it actually isn't as closed off of a college bubble as you might find in some southern college towns where everything revolves around Greek Life.The best part about the school is that there are just too many hot girls around for it to even matter all that much, it probably the hottest girls of any school in the entire south (Arizona St I hear is the hottest).I'd do my best to look good, have great pics taken and get on the hottest new dating apps, Bumble seems to be the go to.

We seen the fish on top all day long miles of them. We did end up catching 2 wahoo and one lost gaffer mahi.Not every woman will see it as an advantage, and a lot will want to keep things on the down low, but there will be plenty who see your age as an advantage if you yourself think of it that way.The beautiful thing about FSU is that there are more hot girls than anyone knows what to do with, this is actually not the case for most state universities, not even in the south.You just need to find a way to put yourself in contact with a lot of women and let the numbers take care of themselves.I would check out the SA thread and the Suits' social host thread. My freshman year there was a guy who was 27 living in the dorms. His family had some money and he fucked around for a while or something.

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