Tantra cam

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The author of this article is a well-known tantric master Shri Aghorinath Ji.

Here you will find Tantric Massage Dakinis / Tantrikas, Certified Massage Therapists, Shamanic Energy Healers, Yoga Therapists, Tantra Teachers, Spiritual Counselors, Life & Love Coaches, Visionary Artists, Devotional Musicians, Workshop Leaders, Sacred Ceremonies/Weddings & our Shamanic-Tantric Ministry of Holy Love.

Temple of Bliss is a Collective Circle of Priestesses. In Tantra these bodies are our gifts to awaken and realize Heaven, Nirvana, Supreme Bliss, Shambhala all here now.

We are Women on the Path of Truth, Remembrance, Transformation, Embodiment and Presence. Our Intention is to Activate, Move, Inspire and Heal thru Touch, Beauty, Awareness & Presence.

Tantra is a spiritual tradition found in both Hinduism and Buddhism and which has also influenced other Asian belief systems.

For both the Hindu and Buddhist forms, tantrism may best be defined in the words of Teun Goudriaan, who describe tantra as "systematic quest for salvation or spiritual excellence by realizing and fostering the divine within one's own body, one that is simultaneous union of the masculine-feminine and spirit-matter, and has the ultimate goal of realizing the "primal blissful state of non-duality." Many people still consider tantra to be full of obscenities and unfit for people of good taste.

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