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We see them duetting and mating, as well as renovating the nest with sticks and fresh leaves. The nest is getting bigger, with the eagles bringing in sticks to build up the rails, or edges of the nest, and leaves for lining. She then flew straight to a tree in the Nature Reserve, not far from her nest.As the release team left, to leave her in peace, she was sitting on a high branch, recovering from her trip.

In the 2018 breeding season, our Sea-Eagles nested in the Nature Reserve forest, and 2 eggs were laid. We hope the 2019 breeding season will be successful.

We are also investigating attaching a satellite tracker to her tail feathers, in order to track her progress post release. Our young fledgling Sea-eagle SE 21 is now at Higher Grounds Raptor Centre, for continuing rehabilitation.

Healing of her severely injured wing is progressing, but this will take a long time it seems.

This second chick now has a better chance having "caught up" a little with its sibling. The chick was first seen at around in the night, at 40 days from lay. We noticed a crack a few days ago, but it has been hard to get a clear view of progress.

The first chick hatched will always be bigger and stronger than the second, giving it a "headstart" in life. Background noise makes it hard to hear if the chick is cheeping from the egg, as we have observed in the past.

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