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From a safety and soundness perspective, more capital is preferred.

TCF National Bank received a score of 12 out of a possible 30 points on our test to measure the adequacy of a bank's capital, coming in below the national average of 13.13.

Installment Loans May be excluded from DTI with less than or equal to 6 months remaining.TCF National Bank's most recent annualized quarterly return on equity was 11.09 percent, above the national average of 8.10 percent.The bank recorded net income of 1.1 million on total equity of .58 billion for the twelve months ended December 31, 2017.'s Safe & Sound Ratings provide a star rating system to evaluate the current financial status of financial institutions.Minimum trade lines Minimum of three trade lines (open or closed) combined between all borrowers, with one trade line originated at least three years prior to the Credit Bureau date. Purchase Cash for debts subject to three day right of rescission Credit Broker 1st mortgage product type: TCF does not allow HELOCs behind the following 1st mortgage types: interest only, negative amortization, reverse mortgage, payment option ARM R/T Refinancing Seasoning: None Cash-out seasoning: None Maximum number of investment properties financed or free & clear: Six Permanent resident: Yes, with verification Non-permanent resident: Yes, with verification Non-occupant co-borrower: Yes - All borrowers must be in title. Revocable trust: Allowed Multiple HELOC's per borrower: TCF allows each customer to have an open TCF HELOC for one owner-occupied primary residence and one owner-occupied second residence Employment Gap 30 days requires LOE. Qualifying Payment TCF HELOC Use start rate based on CLTV.Housing payment history Letter of Explanation required for derogatory mortgage trade lines Use proceeds to pay off debt to qualify? Qualifying Rate ARM Use qualifying payment from 1008 or DU. Amortize TCF Bank HELOC line amount for 30 year term to determine PI payment PLUS add the shock payment (HELOC line amount x .0018).

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