Teen dating violence epidemic tyra

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It was a crazy struggle that left the two bound to break up.

The two love birds split, after a chaotic fight that broke out the night of a grammy awards party, which left poor Riri battered & uncontious.

A teen couple constantly at odds with each other talked about their relationship.

Then, past “Tyra Show” guests returned to talk about how their relationship changed since they first talked with Tyra.

Georgeann Wells, the first woman to dunk in an NCAA basketball game, is a guest.

April 4-8, 2016 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Parents, teachers and other adults must understand how pervasive dating violence is and actively work to help teens prevent this and know what to do if it happens to them. Teenagers learn how to be in healthy relationships from the adults in their lives.

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* Meanwhile, 81% of parents believe dating violence isn’t an issue for teenagers.When they don’t receive this affirmation consistently, it can be devastating. Teens who do not have these adult connections instead draw information about how to date primarily from peers and the media.Unfortunately, relationships within media often are portrayed as controlling and possessive, leaving teens to believe this is what love looks like. Additionally, 67 percent of young people in violent dating relationships have experienced violence within their homes.Also: Olympian Dara Torres demonstrates the secret to her swimming success.Season 4, Episode 143May 4, 2009Alana Love, who became a prostitute at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch when she was six months pregnant, returns to talk about life as a mom and her future plans.

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