Tennessee minor dating laws datinguk

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Under certain circumstances, restricted licenses may be available to younger teens.

A special restricted license is available to 15-year-old teens to operate motorized bicycles.

Tennessee uses a graduated license system to advance unlicensed drivers from a learner permit to a valid driver’s license.

At age 15, Tennessee teens can apply for a learner permit by submitting the application, a social security card, and proof of residency to the local Driver Services office.

Owning and operating a vehicle in Tennessee requires proper vehicle insurance.

Anyone who forges a required parent permission note will have his or her license canceled until 18 years old.

A driver who causes an injury accident or is caught driving with five grams or more of methamphetamines will lose his or her license until age 18.

Whether the license is restricted or not, when the teen driver reaches 18 years old or graduates from high school, the “INTERMEDIATE” notation is removed along with any remaining restrictions.

Any minor who drops out of school or fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress faces license suspension.

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