Tfs 2016 reports not updating

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Team Foundation Server is available in two different forms: on-premises and online.The latter form is called Azure Dev Ops Services (formerly Visual Studio Online before it was renamed to Visual Studio Team Services in 2015).These tools provide full access to the features in TFS.Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project are also supported to help manage work items which allows for bulk update, bulk entry and bulk export of work items.The data warehouse can also be extended through the creation of custom data warehouse adapters.With the introduction of TFS 2012, custom add-ins can also be created for Team Web Access, called Web Access Extensions.Build servers, lab management servers, release management servers and proxy servers (to reduce some of the load on the application tier), test machines and load test machines can also be added to the infrastructure. Because TFS is written on a service-oriented architecture, it can communicate with virtually any tool that can call a web service.

The Project Collection is another scalability mechanism, in that each collection can be placed on different SQL Servers or SQL Server instances.Microsoft provides two good standalone redistributed APIs for connecting to TFS. There are approximately 20 preconfigured alerts, and teams can configure as many additional alerts as needed.When used in an extensible scenario, these alerts can be sent to a web service, triggering actions to alter or update work items (such as implementing advanced business rules or generating work items programmatically based on a given scenario).The integration provides extensible storyboard shapes that can be used to build any type of interface mockup that can then be animated with Power Point’s built-in functions.These storyboards can then be linked to work items.

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