Trace cyrus and hanna beth dating

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and let’s be honest: jeffree has said a LOT worse things to people than “hahahahayou’readude BLAHBLAHi’mtracecyrus” anon., July 11, 2008I don’t like Jefree satr or Hanna beth. I thinm they’re both stupid fucking wannabee celebrities. How many people has Hanna been friends with & in the next breath she’s backstabbing them? Tweet UPDATE: Jeffree forwarded menacing text messages from Trace Cyrus—Hanna’s “famous boyfriend who does drugs and ignores her all the time”—to Perez Hilton, who promptly posted them on his mainstream celebrity blog.Although Trace does not threaten to kill Jeffree, he does suggest he’ll “kick [Jeffree’s] ass.” According to Perez, “ Jeffree Star was one seriously pissed off cocksucker this morning, and he posted away a bulletin like only a seriously pissed off cocksucker can.I feel that Jeffree is just seeking attention, because he is currently lacking it.

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And no one likes Miley anymore except a few 14-15-year olds.I do not care how many guys she dates or anything she is beutiful and a good model plus her shoots with audrey are hott so if you are a hater please leave! Um yeah viju if your a hater and are just gonna leave rude comments about hanna beth then just go! And if he was indeed a true friend to Hanna, her actions seem all the more loathsome. Which is pretty sad seeing as audrey got where she is by riding on the back of brendon urie. besides, Hanna has already appeared in a dating show for MTV, which she even admitted was ridiculously staged. shes just hungry for attention, whichever way she can get it.Jeffree’s anger (although perhaps not his airing of Hanna’s dirty laundry) is justified. Hanna and audrey are the scene equivalent of nicole and paris hilton.

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