Triplex dating

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A side issue of potential interest: Dating your car by its windows - based on the original compiled by Neil Cairns.

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But it was an indication on the same day by Electra Fleming that it would come back with a second buyout offer if Triplex raised its bid again that probably secured William Cook's independence.

This may be 5 4=9 for the 9th year of the decade (origin of this picture is unknown).

The next two pictures have "SUNDYM" with dots under the 2nd and 6th letters, which may be 6 2=8 for the 8th year of a decade.

The "TP" or "LP" designation may refer to Triple Plate or Laminated Plate, being composed of two layers of glass with the plastic film in between to prevent break-up of the glass if it is smashed.

The term "Toughened" may refer to hardened and tempered safety glass, which is the type that breaks into a million pieces smaller then your fingernail if it is smashed.

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