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On one machine, the entry in the Add/Remove programs list was quickly removed, but the software was not.

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If you are having similar problems, my eventual solution may help you, too. December 18 is the "release date" of the security bulletin from Adobe.On December 18, give or take,* Adobe Systems released a security bulletin that basically says old versions of the Flash player are buggy as heck (see Flash Player update available to address security vulnerabilities).Specifically, versions and earlier contain nine different bugs that Adobe calls critical.The right way also means uninstalling the prior version of Flash before installing the new version, not installing any other software other than the Flash player and being 100 percent sure that all old versions of the software have been removed, even those in nonstandard locations. If you haven't updated the Flash player recently, your computer is probably at risk.Still, before bothering to upgrade, you might as well check which version you have installed.

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