Trouble updating windows media player 10 to 11

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Not only that, but users have also reported that some first-party system apps like Notepad are having issues.

Microsoft has confirmed that they are working on a solution and users can expect cumulative updates to fix those specific issues soon.

Windows 7 is still a great operating system -- one that millions of people use every day.

Understandably, Microsoft cannot support the OS forever, so it will stop doing so in less than a year.

Windows 10 is known for rolling out regular updates to its users and is the most stable Windows OS to date but that doesn’t mean users aren’t having issues with it.

From stuck updates disrupting workflow to significantly less storage space, there are many bugs with some simple fixes for them too.

Microsoft shares the chart above which shows Windows Media Player on Windows 10 will remain unaffected.

In other words, if you are on Windows 7, and you rely on the metadata supplied to Windows Media Player, an upgrade to the latest version of Windows will solve your problem.

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However, any updates like this won't show up as available to everyone and this means you'll have to resort to manually updating your operating system instead.

While I would urge many Windows 7 users to switch to a Linux-based operating system, Microsoft would rather these folks upgrade to Windows 10 instead. Many Windows 7 users purposely avoided the newest version of Windows due to overall bugginess and a perception of spying due to aggressive telemetry.

Embarrassingly, Windows 10 -- initially released in 2015 as a free upgrade -- only recently overtook Windows 7 in marketshare. The right thing to do at this point, is to allow Windows 7 to function as it has until support runs out, right?

If you've got a PC still stubbornly clinging to Windows 7 or Windows 8, there are a few things to try: Windows 10 receives pretty big updates every so often, such as the Creators update in March 2017, Fall creators Update in October 2017, and the April 18 and October 2018 update last year.

Each of these major updates introduces new features to Windows 10, as well as security bug fixes and a whole lot more.

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