True love dating sim game

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Like most bishoujo games, True Love ’95 is a “dating sim” where you play the part of the male lead, intent on seducing one or more of the female characters.

you can’t skip classes, but daytimes when you don’t have school, and most of the afternoons and evenings, you can decide whether you want to study, work out, paint, go shopping, groom yourself, go out on the town, work at your part-time job, or just sit back and relax at home.

it’s a Japanese bishoujo game that’s been translated into english (well, ok, occasionally it’s engrish), and a fairly old one. And now that our Forever Geekly bottoms are covered and the lawyerish types will be happy, you can click through below for an overview and some more (PG at worst) screenshots (you’ll have to play the game if you want the more interesting artwork). And it doesn’t have any incest, rape, or anything particularly far from mainstream.

This, like most bishoujo games, is intended for adults only, so if you’re not old enough to vote, it’s not our fault if your innocence is corrupted by it, because I’m telling you right now — don’t do it. I chose this particular one for my first bishoujo post here primarily because it’s free for download, and is only a bit more than 5 megs, so it’s an easy one to take your first foray into the genre with.

You can only get each god once, and they take something like 10-15 turns each (so, studying morning afternoon and evening for a week straight would probably make the god of learning happy).

Unless you choose the right choices in the beginning of the day. I swear that pun is not motivated by anything other than a harmless dadjoke.

When you rescue the drowning girl, just alternate between pushing on her chest and blowing in her lungs, and she’ll come to after you do it a few times.

Keep doing one and not the other and you could be there all day.

but you also have to see her for her feminine side.

Another is the top of your class and very wealthy, and won’t be interested in talking with you unless you can manage an intelligent conversation and keep your grades up. But even if you really screw up, there’s always the girl next door, who loves you no matter what. You know how it is — so many girls, so little time.

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