Twilight stars dating in real life

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Kristen Stewart recently topped the Forbes list as the world’s highest paid actress while Robert Pattinson ranked high on the celebrity list.

Both actors earned a newfound respect after their films, ‘ On the Road ‘ and ‘ Cosmopolis ‘ debut to critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Others excited fans across the globe by revealing that everyone’s favorite couple was together in real life as well. Imagine everyone’s excitement when it turned out that Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson were dating in real life.

Their relationship continued for most of the show’s run.

According to People, the couple got together during the first season and called it quits shortly before the fourth and final season came to a close.

One Tree Hill fans who felt that Peyton and Lucas were meant to be together were shocked by the season 2 revelation that he was actually in love with Brooke. Making matters worse, their characters were now a couple again.

According to the source, the two movie stars talked about having a baby and what kind of parents they will be during rehearsals.

Their thinking and actions may be influenced by their characters in the last film where they became parents to their hybrid daughter Reneesmee.

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Every one of these couples had amazing chemistry and helped define love for generations of viewers.

Some of them kept their romance quiet, letting word get out only after the relationship was over. C., Seth and Summer were the real couple to root for.

Hollywood stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are already telling their closest friends that it is okay if Kristen get pregnant even before the wedding that they are planning later this year.

The insider also said that the couple are interested on big houses where they can start an army of children.

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