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And as algorithms continue to face public scrutiny, it’s likely that the unbiased chronological timeline will remain an option.

As Aja Romano writes on Vox, “A chronological timeline isn’t just a timeline ruled by a clearly defined order; it’s a feed in which information is neutral.” The primary domain of Twitter’s algorithm is the Top Tweets feed.

When Twitter launched in March 2006, its timeline structure was simple: Tweets were displayed in reverse chronological order.

twitter updating facebook-61

twitter updating facebook-61

Hootsuite research shows that the best time to post on Twitter is 3 p.m. But you should also check Twitter Analytics to find out when most of your followers are online. Under Armour’s #Break The Game campaign starring NBA superstar Stephen Curry is a good example of this.

As the company explains on its blog, “The more often you tweet, the more likely your audience will see and engage with your content.” When a follower regularly engages with your account, it increases the likelihood that Twitter’s algorithm will share your content with them in the future.

Don’t count on the In case you missed it feature to rescue your unseen content.

In September 2018, Twitter announced that users would be able to toggle between Top Tweets and Latest Tweets.

What that means is people can now easily switch between an algorithm feed and a real-time feed.

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