Twitterfeed not updating twitter

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This might be sometimes because of sudden surge in server load or network issues, but surely it doesn't mean Twitterfeed has lost its original charm, it is still widely used Tweet-feeder.

But yes, it always wise to know and try out the alternatives available and ready the contingency plan.

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We configure Twitter Feed to use Titles only because using descriptions can generate poor quality Tweets.

There are two benefits to doing this: 1) If you search on your own Twitter username (which is a good practice so you can see who is talking about you) you are much more likely to see new content from your favorite blogs in a timely manner.

2) What you find most interesting is likely to also be of great interest to your followers who are likely to RT (retweet) and share these posts and benefit you, your business and the blogs of those you share.

Read more about why she also does this and some pros and cons in her post about using Twitter Feed to feed blog posts to Twitter. Here are my stats and I have only put about half in from your feed account so far.

I shared the list of quality blogs I have in my Twitter Feed account in this new post Top Marketing Blogs on Grow Map reading list because Twitter no longer displays the source of your tweets so my followers could not determine what blogs I was feeding.

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