Ubuntu wireless validating authentication

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-Notwithstanding the above, using this IS does not constitute consent to PM, LE or CI investigative searching or monitoring of the content of privileged communications, or work product, related to personal representation or services by attorneys, psychotherapists, or clergy, and their assistants.Such communications and work product are private and confidential.Ubuntu operating system management includes the ability to control the number of users and user sessions that utilize an Ubuntu operating system.Limiting the number of allowed users and sessions per user is helpful in reducing the risks related to Do S attacks.

No other activity aside from re-authentication shall unlock the system.

Satisfies: SRG-OS-000028-GPOS-00009, SRG-OS-000030-GPOS-00011, SRG-OS-000031-GPOS-00012An Ubuntu operating system needs to be able to identify when a user's sessions has idled for longer than 15 minutes.

The Ubuntu operating system must logout a users' session after 15 minutes to prevent anyone from gaining access to the machine while the user is away.

The banner must be formatted in accordance with applicable Do D policy.

Use the following verbiage for Ubuntu operating systems that can accommodate banners of 1300 characters: "You are accessing a U. Government (USG) Information System (IS) that is provided for USG-authorized use only.

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