Understanding seducing dating men

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Kezia Noble goes into the push-pull technique and tells another amazing story of a man picking up a gold digger hunting celebs for which I invite you to get the book.

Kezia Noble says many men are afraid of being seen as sleazy or creepy and then talks about flirting.

Kisses not only mean nothing, but at times can even be counterproductive by introducing uncertainties in the seduction.

For example, a kiss might happen because you were both very horny. She might feel like next time you meet it’s going to get to sex because you’ve already kissed.

Kezia Noble says that every successful man in seduction places himself above the woman.

Even “alpha women“, as Kezia self-defines herself, also enjoy pleasing a man and do something that impress him.

I liked even more her suggestion to built a list of qualities you like and then go with a mindset you want to see if she fits your criteria.

Also read: I love the example Kezia give of an opener that would have quickly gone south.

Kezia says that as a younger woman, up until around 19 YO, she preferred bad boys.For example, to a woman who tells you she’s a lawyer, everybody would ask “how long have you been doing that”, but you could ask instead “is that what your parents wanted you to do”.The man explains women love dropping their mask and sharing personal stuff.When they reveal something personal and might feel a bit vulnerable, that’s when you reveal something very personal about yourself too, so you both connected on a deep is very good stuff indeed.I would like to add it might be even better to not to share anything about you and simply listen with a slight nod and let the “heavy moments of vulnerability” hang in the air.

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