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This output quickly gives stakeholders a comprehensive view of the entire business in one place including both financial and non-financial metrics.

The Jirav Executive Summary is designed specifically for wide organizational consumption and we have made it super easy for you to customize the output and match the specific use cases of the business.

The second type of mismatch is where the value doesn't successfully copy from Actual Work Billable to the Assignment Actual Work field (see point 3 above).

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Fundamentals products from traditional market data vendors struggle to show these adjusted values while missing out entirely on estimated actuals, failing to keep up with how the market is forecasting and analyzing these accounts.There are two key problems with the timesheets feature that in turn, cause labour costs in MS Project to be inaccurate. GUID ISSUE: During the period of Jan 2015 (could have started earlier, this is when we started using the product) through to Sep 2016, the timesheets tables were producing unidentifiable GUIDs in the Project Id, Task Id, and Assignment Id fields.Essentially whenever a new timesheet line/row was inserted into one of the timesheet tables, instead of the system retrieving the corresponding GUID from the project/task/assignment tables, it would just insert a random GUID.Given Project Online is a cloud product that is deployed to all users out-of-the-box, I figured there must be others out there that are aware of this problem so have decided to take to the internet for help... Receive 0 worth of additional free historical data credits when you sign up with your University email address, or you otherwise help us verify your public researcher or student status.

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