Updating bios new computer

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If the computer is working fine, we do not recommend updating the BIOS.

If you installed a new or additional memory, a new hard drive, or other new hardware into your computer, you do not need to update the BIOS.

Restart your computer with the floppy disk in the drive, and the program erases the old BIOS and writes the new one.

You can find a BIOS Wizard that will check your BIOS at BIOS Upgrades.

Updating the BIOS improperly or with the wrong BIOS may cause your system to not boot.

The steps below are steps that should be taken before upgrading your computer BIOS.

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If necessary, you can press the Pause key on the keyboard to halt the boot process and view the messages as the computer is booting.BIOS updates have the capability of correcting problems that may be occurring with your computer hardware that cannot be fixed with drivers or an operating system update.You can think of a BIOS update as an update to your hardware and not your software.Computer Hope does not provide users with BIOS updates.A BIOS update must be handled directly through the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer.

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