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When using those tools, you create a DOS live USB drive, and then copy the BIOS-flashing utility and BIOS file to that USB drive.You then restart your computer and boot from the USB drive.We recommend a USB drive because it’s probably be the easiest method on modern hardware.Some manufacturers provide Windows-based flashing tools, which you run on the Windows desktop to flash your BIOS and then reboot.The BIOS update’s included README file should recommend the ideal option for your hardware.Some manufacturers offer a BIOS-flashing option directly in their BIOS, or as a special key-press option when you boot the computer.Here’s how to check what BIOS version your computer is using and flash that new BIOS version onto your motherboard as quickly and safely as possible. If your computer freezes, crashes, or loses power during the process, the BIOS or UEFI firmware may be corrupted.This will render your computer unbootable—it’ll be “bricked.” Your computer’s BIOS version is displayed in the BIOS setup menu itself, but you don’t have to reboot to check this version number.

You probably shouldn’t update your BIOS, but sometimes you need to.

In the minimal DOS environment that appears after the reboot, you run the appropriate command—often something like BIOS3245.bin—and the tool flashes the new version of the BIOS onto the firmware.

The DOS-based flashing tool is often provided in the BIOS archive you download from the manufacturer’s website, although you may have to download it separately. In the past, this process was performed with bootable floppy disks and CDs.

There are several ways to see your BIOS version from within Windows, and they work the same on PCs with a traditional BIOS or a newer UEFI firmware.

To check your BIOS version from the Command Prompt, hit Start, type “cmd” in the search box, and then click the “Command Prompt” result—no need to run it as an administrator.

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