Updating dark panel calendar updates not updating in outlook 2016

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Unfortunately our Vivint doorbell camera has been nothing but problems. At that point it started to get weathered and the plastic started to peel.This is a picture of our Vivint doorbell camera (8 months old).This would always get the camera to reconnect, but it would need to be reset again within a couple of weeks.

Our Vivint salesman told us all of our equipment was covered by warranty for the entire length of the contract (60 months).I argued that the system was not installed properly if we needed a repeater, but they will not waive the fee.Vivint said if we would have needed the repeater within 120 days they would have replaced it for free, but we are outside of that timeframe.I guess this is why they have pushy door to door salesmen. This company will charge you for every little thing. Totally three cameras installed for the Vivint system at our house, with one disconnected for long time. Then a customer support guy helped reboot the system from their side, which actually led to disconnection of an another camera. With several more futile tries, I was left two options: 1) pay 9 for the technician that they will send to solve the problem; 2) upgrade the service program to the monthly fee .9 plus tax and no need to pay anything to the tech. Will need to call them again to downgrade th service back to .9 plus tax before Xmas.I would never refer anyone to sign up for vivint alarm company. After months of struggling with the doorbell camera continuously disconnecting, I finally realized that the doorbell camera had come loose just enough to cause it to lose power and disconnect.

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