Updating database using datagridview c

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So I've thought about giving the user the ability to select a layer, choose an attribute, choose a logical operator (=, And when he clicks on Search, the result should display on the datagridview The thing here is, if I want to update a row or a number of rows, how can I be able to do that? Is it possible to edit data in the datagridview and then I don't know do like an update button and save the changes accordingly but how am I gonna do that ?So now I have this idea : I have two forms : //Clicking on this button should I create another form like I did with the update ?Add some UI controls and arrange them as in the following figure.Here I am showing a record in a Data Grid View from the database. Update the value of the Text Box and click the "Change" button.It gives you number of properties, methods and events to customize its appearance and behavior.In this article, we will discuss some frequently asked questions and their solutions. If you want your Button on Form B to retrieve the latest data from the database then that's what you have to do whatever Form_Load is doing. My guess is the data retrieval is on the Form_Load.

In Previous Post, we saw How to Create a simple Windows Form Login Application in C#. When user click on the Row Header of any row then data present in the cell of the row is stored into the Text Boxes.

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Visit Stack Exchange I wanna be able to update/delete data from a datagridview, and when I do that of course the data in my Postgre SQL database should be edited too.

The table ‘Orders’ in the Data Set is then bound to the Binding Source component which gives us the flexibility to choose/modify the data location.

Handle the User Deleting Row event to display a confirmation box to the user. If the user clicks cancel, set e.cancel = true which cancels the row deletion.

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