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Also, the username cannot be more than 8 characters.In conclusion, the user interface is one of the oldest and complicated ones.Otherwise, on the server, it's c:\apps\goldmine\common\ which is not a valid path on the workstations.. Create a shortcut to the gmw6located in the share folder. I should be able to open Goldmine on the workstation & see the contact set database on the server. My next issue is on one of the machines they had Goldmine 4.0.Beyond all this, there are Gold Mine consultants who set up, customize, train, etc. Install Goldmine to the server into the share folder (making sure the shared boreland database is installed to this folder as well) 7. It would be after step 8 where I may have to go to File/Open database to locate my contact set database in the share folder correct? I just found out that after did the initial import into Goldmine 6.7 & while they were waiting on us to get the workstations working, they were updating the Goldmine 4.0 database.Gold Mine (I'm one) and it might be simpler to just have this stuff done by one instead of wrestling with it and never being sure all the I's are dotted and all the T's are crossed... It sounds like I may want to start over with my server install. Unzip the Common & GMBase folders to the share folder. At this point, I should be able to open up GOldmine on the server. Do you know if there is an easy way to reimport the contacts from 4.0 & update existing/matching contacts in teh 6.7 database?If I take a backup of my contacts database & do a reinstall to the c:\apps\Goldmine folder, can I then just do a restore of the databases or can I simply copy them back to the goldmine folder? you'll want to backup both the COMMON folder (at least that's the default) and the GMBASE folder as well. I will open another question on this so you can get additional points if you have an idea on how to accomplish this.

The lack of integration with modern cloud-based sales tools and the obtuse approach in generating reports and doing bulk updates makes the CRM goes back. The results popping up from the search often tend to be unrelated and just makes the job complicated.When emails are received, attachments are locked or encrypted to anyone other than the original addressee. When deleting the emails, a message comes in the middle which interrupts the deleting process and the process should get started again.Linking of contact records to email addresses is not user-friendly and can easily lead to incorrect linking of emails/email addresses.When I click on the contact set to use, it says it can't find the c:\program files\....The instructions were failry simple so I don't knwo what I missed.

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