Updating it systems plan credit union

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Compiling resources from CUNA CPDOnline, Captivate, Articulate, and i Linc, they created their own online talk show and IRA refresher training.

At the time of their award presentation last October, they had created a total of 52 web courses, webinars and web-based modules, saving 7,870 in travel expenses and 3,929 hours of travel time.

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If your training program seems ungainly because your training team is strapped for time, your solution could be as straightforward as a new team member or rethinking your approach.Leading the charge on recent training program overhauls is the Training Team of Warren Federal Credit Union in WY, winners of an ELLy WOW Award.Before the implementation of their current training regimen, Warren required one-time training only for new front-line staff or whenever any so-called “training issues” arose.With that statistic in mind, the daily, monthly and annual benefits of bolstering a training team, even by just one member, become undeniably clear.Technology If a new team member isn’t in your future, renew your approach and seek ways to redefine your day-to-day to be sure your time is spent in the most impactful fashion.

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