Updating kernel mandrake

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The Red Hat kernel is custom-build and based on the upstream Linux kernel, with focus on stability and compatibility with the latest technologies and hardware.

Before Red Hat releases a new kernel version, the kernel needs to pass a set of rigorous quality assurance tests.

Today you get a good overview of installing and removing software to and from a Mandriva Linux system using the MCC Software Management tab -- with a little bit of tutorial and how-to thrown in.

Mandriva's Software Management tools make Installing and removing software easy, simple, and efficient.

Actually, it’s only extremely exceptional that I use X on this system (it’s mostly running headless), but it’s good to still have GNOME in case I have a problem with my laptop.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to switch it off by hand by using GNOME’s screen resolution applet.The Red Hat kernels are packaged in the RPM format so that they are easy to upgrade and verify by the When upgrading from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Red Hat strongly recommends that you reinstall the whole OS.While it is theoretically possible to update all necessary packages, it could easily result in the system being unusable.Today, the server running this website was update from Mandriva 2009.0 to 2009.1 Cooker by running urpmi –auto-select –allow-suggests with the Cooker mandriva-release package installed. There was one file conflict in some KDE 4 related packages and I had to restart Apache 2 by hand because a httpd reload done when the awstats package was installed, failed because of the changed glibc.After the update I also removed KDE 4 because I don’t use it.

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