Updating non microsoft products

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Regrettably, you can't use Windows Update or Windows Server Update Service to patch non-Microsoft products.In this article, I will discuss what your options are when it comes to patching third-party software.The first step in designing a patching strategy for non-Microsoft products is to determine what needs to be patched.

Can anyone please advise how I now get updates for other Microsoft products.The reason is that unless your applications download and deploy patches in a completely automated fashion, you are at the mercy of the end user to keep workstations patched. If a user sees a dialog box asking them if they want to check for updates, they could easily click No and there isn't a thing that you could do about it.This might not seem like a huge deal since we aren't talking about patches for the operating system or for an extremely high-profile application such as Microsoft Office, but patching third-party applications is almost as important as patching Microsoft products.These updates can be imported, but you will be warned while importing them that they may require additional administrative support.For example, because updates require additional user interaction, the user can cancel the installation; the updates cannot be installed automatically at a scheduled time.

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