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That's when interactions between characters come into play, and there are some delightful ones in season 2, courtesy of new and returning characters.And it also largely eases the shift between the flashbacks and present-day by weaving in a common thread. On one hand, it is willing to make room to explore Sartaj's guilt over his friend and colleague Constable Katekar's (Jitendra Joshi) death in the first season, and the impact it has had on the rest of the Katekar family.In turn, that means there's greater pressure on the cast and crew to deliver on the show's return, with Sacred Games season 2 out midnight on Thursday.In the first three episodes — that's what Netflix gave critics access to — of Sacred Games 2, it's clear that pacing at least is not an issue.

(Four days pass in the opening three episodes.) The Netflix series moves swiftly from one scene to the other, but it also knows when to take a breather and linger a little.

start investigating the fallout shelter and its contents: a dead Trivedi (Chittaranjan Tripathi).

The nuclear plot links into Hizbuddin, a fictional terror outfit that has ties to one Shahid Khan (Ranvir Shorey) — repeatedly mentioned but nowhere to be seen in the early going of season 2 — who's allegedly behind everything from the 1993 Bombay bombings to the 1999 Kandahar hijacking, per Inspector Majid Ali Khan (Aamir Bashir).

In building to Guruji's introduction from all sides, Sacred Games 2 also cheekily foreshadows the potentially literal — but for now, metaphorical — nuclear cloud cast over everyone by giving Tripathi lines such as “Time is radioactive.” With Tripathi having a bigger presence in the second season, the writers — head writer Varun Grover and his new writing team of Dhruv Narang (Gormint), Nihit Bhave (Hey Prabhu!

), and Pooja Tolani — can expand on the Hindu mythological angles of the story.

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