Updating sql 2016 name

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Here’s a brief list with a bit of detail: These changes are almost exclusively enhancements—each improving how execution plans or statistics are managed or adding parallelism into plans that previously could not benefit from it.

By doing so, we can facilitate a smoother upgrade between versions, knowing that we are not immediately cutting the cord on all discontinued or altered features.Prior to SQL Server 2016, running a database in a previous version’s compatibility mode had no guarantees with regards to the behavior of the query optimizer and the executions plans it generated.Starting in SQL Server 2016, Microsoft guarantees that new query optimizer improvements will only be available in compatibility level 130.If you are running a database on a SQL Server 2016 server, but it is in an earlier compatibility mode, then no new optimizer features will be applied when queries are executed in your database.This means that if you upgrade a server from SQL Server 2014 to 2016 and leave a database in compatibility level 120, then query plans will remain the same as they were on the old version.

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